Governance and Members

The Highlands Hashers are a Running, Hashing, and Racing club founded by Dave (Our President Emeritus) and Gene (our Vice President Emeritus). The club is governed by a leading body of JB, Jeff and Andy, and rotates the various coordinator positions through club volunteers. The Fiscal Year ’17 is as follows:


Dave President Emeritus 

Dave has literally run the gamut within the organization. A fairly decent former high school track and cross-country runner,after a 10 year hiatus from running he got off the couch in 1999 to pursue a marathon finish. During the subsequent 17 years he has completed over 23 marathons and ultra-marathons. For a while he took to the USATF-NJ circuit, finding success and enjoyment in racing 5ks through half-marathons. Dave was primarily responsible for shooting and editing the many Highlands Hashers videos, a tremendous source of inspiration and laughter. You will currently find Dave romping through the woods in search of nirvana on any given trail.

Gene Vice President Emeritus


JB – Governing Body/Logistics Coordinator

One of the clubs longest standing members, JB holds a chair on the governing body of the Highlands Hashers, and currently fills the position of Logistics Coordinator. JB handles the clubs finances, Hash Calendar, and is the coordinator of club statistics. JB also holds a 3:22:04 Marathon PR


Jeff – Governing Body/Special Events Coordinator

Jeff has been with the Highlands Hashers nearly since its inception. An old High School CX/Track teammate of Dave and Gene, Jeff holds a chair on the governing body of the Highlands Hashers and serves as the Special Events Coordinator. As Special events Coordinator, Jeff is responsible for organizing the Highlands Hashers’ wide array of unique events and trips including the HH100, rogue mountaineering trips, and more!


Andy – Governing Body/Website Editor & Social Media Content Creator

A member since 2011, Andy claims (un-verifiably) that he holds the club record for most Thursday runs attended. Andy is the primary editor of the Highlands Hashers website, and Facebook presence. His racing record includes a 2:59:12 Marathon PR, an 8:20 trail 50 Mile PR, and wins at both the 25K and 50K distances at the NJ Trail Series Mountain Madness races.


Sean “Shamus” – Racing Coordinator

One of the Highlands Hashers original members, Sean is undeniably the most active competitor in the club. Racing anything from 400m through 6-day timed Ultra-marathons, Sean is responsible for coordinating Highlands Hashers team races where the club can utilize its USATF number, and fly our singlets en masse.


Dave “Sherpa” – Social Coordinator

Dave is among the Highlands Hashers great “success” stories, having found his way into competitive running through our unique brand of hashing, camaraderie, and support. As Social Coordinator, Dave holds the responsibility of organizing family-friendly non-running events to strengthen the community that is the Highlands Hashers.