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Run of the Week: February 2018 Week 3

The Contenders:

Doobie: Pizza Challenge 3.0 scouting

Stone Cold: 12 miles in his elitist gated community

Jogfather: 5 miles, none of them without a proper buzz, at the Grapeful Sisters winery

Runner Up:

Just Eric – 20.1 miles of snow, mud, and trail in Mountainside – a very big weekend run in nasty conditions.

Run of the Week:

Liability’s Pre-BSL Tempo: 10.1 miles at 6:40 pace, his fastest ever 10 miler at 1:06:37

Editor’s Note: His Saturday nap, which had nothing to do with #daydrinking – was also considered for this award.

2018 Run of the Week Award Winners

Anonymous Highlands Hashers – 1

Blowhard – 2

Iron Maiden – 1

Juicy – 1

Just Sheila – 1

Liability – 1

P*foot – 1

Run of the Week – January 2018 Week 4

Another cold week has passed but the runs of 2018 are already starting to heat up.  The competition toward the club’s first challenge for 2018 is almost done, and only one brave man and one brave maiden are still standing.  Be on the lookout for the February Challenge, coming soon!

Here is a recap of some of the finer runs this week.

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Run of the Week – January 2018 Week 1

Honorable Mention:

The Jogfather’s self-titled “Snow Job” run, 3.2 miles @ 12:16 pace in the middle of a storm.

It got everywhere…

Runner Up:

Continuing the unbroken tradition of Thursday night club runs, even during the Bomb Cyclone, Polar Vortex, or whatever they are calling a windy and snowy day now is the runner up this week.

Bomb Cyclone BSL 2018


Run of the Week:

The Anonymous Highlands Hashers who participated Secret Mystery Trail Run 2018.  You know who you are and what you did.

Oh Deer…


Run of the Week: It’s back, and it’s not a run!


Congratulations to the members of the Highlands Hashers 100 Cycling Team, a bunch of cyclists with a running problem!

For your Tour de Morris during the sweltering weekend, complete with rain showers and just awful humidity, you have earned our prestigious club award, without having actually run a step.


The Stats

Congratulations Gents, you’ve earned a round on the club!