Club Contests

Current Bad Idea:

November 2017:  Vertvember 4.0

Annual Climbing Challenge: Run the equivalent of our local hill 100 times. Minimum qualifying entry, 19,200′.  Follow along on our Facebook page.  


Upcoming Bad Ideas:

December 2017: 12 Days of Christmas / Hilly Hanukkah

Two options for you this month:

12 Days of Christmas: Run 12 miles per day in the 12 days leading up to Christmas, ending on Christmas Eve.  Bonus Points if they are all single runs.  Double Bonus Points if you do an extra on Christmas Day.

Hilly Hanukkah: Run 8 miles per day and climb 800 feet per run between December 12-20th.  Bonus Points if they are all single runs.  Double bonus points if your spouse and children don’t kill you.


Past Bad Ideas:

October 2017:  30x30x30

30 unique beers, 30 unique bars, 30 days to do it.

Results are in:

1st place: S**** ****, 65 (Club Record)

2nd place: L********, 62

3rd place: W***********, 33

Finishers: M********, Mrs. M********, Just J*****, Just ****