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Run of the Week: February 2018 Week 3

The Contenders:

Doobie: Pizza Challenge 3.0 scouting

Stone Cold: 12 miles in his elitist gated community

Jogfather: 5 miles, none of them without a proper buzz, at the Grapeful Sisters winery

Runner Up:

Just Eric – 20.1 miles of snow, mud, and trail in Mountainside – a very big weekend run in nasty conditions.

Run of the Week:

Liability’s Pre-BSL Tempo: 10.1 miles at 6:40 pace, his fastest ever 10 miler at 1:06:37

Editor’s Note: His Saturday nap, which had nothing to do with #daydrinking – was also considered for this award.

2018 Run of the Week Award Winners

Anonymous Highlands Hashers – 1

Blowhard – 2

Iron Maiden – 1

Juicy – 1

Just Sheila – 1

Liability – 1

P*foot – 1

Run of the Week: February 2018 Week 1

Iron Maiden Wins January


Congratulations to Iron Maiden, who earns the prestigious club Run of the Week Award for completing the first HH Club Challenge of 2018 – 31 days of running – giving streaking, which she is known for, a second meaning.

It’s Superbowl Sunday and your editorial board is drunk off duty tonight and not going through all of the Honorable Mentions tonight.

But a hearty congratulations to the Iron Maiden on a very, very well earned ROTW.

2018 Run of the Week Award Winners

Anonymous Highlands Hashers – 1

Blowhard – 1

Iron Maiden – 1

Juicy – 1

Just Sheila – 1

P*foot – 1

Run of the Week – January 2018 Week 4

Another cold week has passed but the runs of 2018 are already starting to heat up.  The competition toward the club’s first challenge for 2018 is almost done, and only one brave man and one brave maiden are still standing.  Be on the lookout for the February Challenge, coming soon!

Here is a recap of some of the finer runs this week.

Continue reading Run of the Week – January 2018 Week 4

Run of the Week – January 2018 Week 3

It seems like the idea of staying indoors in January has gotten to be a little bit stale for everyone this week.  Liability kicked off the week with a big run, but then it was quiet for a few days, until the weekend hit and everyone collectively said “Oh yeah, hold my beer” and went out there to log some serious miles.  Great showing all around, and a very competitive ROTW.  Here is a look at a few of the finer runs this week:

Continue reading Run of the Week – January 2018 Week 3

Run of the Week – January 2018 Week 2

This week was a bit of a tease – the temperatures finally rose above single digits during the early part of the week, only to hit about 50 degrees and give us a taste of spring weather – for one day – before plummeting back into the low teens for the weekend.

Winter is here – but a few of us were smart enough to flee for a few days and get away from it all.

We even had a few races completed already!  Here’s a look at some of our best this week: Continue reading Run of the Week – January 2018 Week 2

Run of the Week – January 2018 Week 1

Honorable Mention:

The Jogfather’s self-titled “Snow Job” run, 3.2 miles @ 12:16 pace in the middle of a storm.

It got everywhere…

Runner Up:

Continuing the unbroken tradition of Thursday night club runs, even during the Bomb Cyclone, Polar Vortex, or whatever they are calling a windy and snowy day now is the runner up this week.

Bomb Cyclone BSL 2018


Run of the Week:

The Anonymous Highlands Hashers who participated Secret Mystery Trail Run 2018.  You know who you are and what you did.

Oh Deer…


Run of the Week – December 2017 Week 4

The Contenders:

P*Foot’s frozen 12.5 on the Boulevard at 8:00 pace (honorable mention for Liability, who joined for 8 of them)

Just Steve’s nod to Blowhard with 8.1 miles in Allamuchy

Doobie’s Path to Victory #109, his second fastest ever

Chef’s Rockaway – Denville ramble – 9 miles at 6:55 pace

Jogfather’s 10 mile Frosty Nads run

Liability’s 15 miler down in Delaware at a 7:43 pace

Blowhard’s 16 miler at a crushing 7:07 pace Continue reading Run of the Week – December 2017 Week 4

Run of the Week – December 2017 Week 3

Well this was a big week.  Lots of great runs out there.  Looking back on it, probably our collective best week of the year.

Here are a few runs that are in contention for 2017’s penultimate Run of the Week Award.

Honorable Mentions:

Blowhard and Just Steve – 11 miles around the Great Swamp, at a filthy 6:15 average pace!

Stone Cold – 13.3 miles around Kinnelon at a quick 9:18 per mile – nice job on those hills!

Liability – 15 solo miles down in Delaware, running through the Dogfish Head Brewery – and stopping by later for just about as many beers!

Just Sheila – 4.0 miles on the Boulevard, setting PRs in both directions!

Mousehand, P-foot, Liability, Stone Cold, and Chef for a 10 mile group run before the 2nd Annual Highlands Hashers Risk Game / Day Where Everyone Calls Out of Work and Gets Drunk.

Runner Up:

Just Steve and Blowhard with a complete sufferfest – 17.0 miles around Roxbury and vicinity at a ridiculous 6:48 per mile pace.  Dammmn guys, that’s a crazy good run.

The Winner:

Donde Es with a sufferfest of his own on Hawk Mountain, just west of Allentown, PA.

The Stats

21.0 miles

3:52.18 moving time

3,758′ of vertical gain

11:04 per mile pace

Epic run and very deserving of our coveted Run of the Week Award!  Congratulations Donde!

Run of the Week: December 2017 Week 2

A little late on getting this out, so my apologies, but congratulations again to a group of overachievers who were busy on the roads and trails of Morris County, NJ last week.

Here who made the finals for the club’s prestigious Run of the Week Award,

The contenders:

Michelle’s 5.1 mile 9:06 average 5 Churches Run

Gonad’s 8 mile, 1840′  of climbing over the Wanaque Reservoir

Donde’s epic 17 miler, climbing 3550′ up, over, and around Bear Mountain, pretty damn good, but…

The winner:

Jogfather’s Snow Torture Run

3.4 miles, 12:00 average pace, unbearably cold, horrific snow, zero visibility – just another winter run for the Jogfather, who put all the younger men and women of the club with this brave effort.  Congratulations Jogfather, the club owes you a beer, a hot chocolate, and a pair of hand warmers for your Run of the Week!

Jogfather showing us who is the boss!

Run of the Week: Putting in the Vert 5.0

By all accounts, Vertvember is a bad good idea.

Not the kind of bad good idea like benching your two time Superbowl winning, two time Superbowl MVP, make Tom Brady cry machine, future Hall of Fame quarterback, but a bad idea nonetheless.

It’s the kind of bad good idea where you take a few middle aged guys, who are in okay shape, and then insist they run serious vert for the first time in months (unless you are Blowhard), trying not to get injured and die in the process.

Yes, ladies and gents, we are talking about the 5th Annual Highlands Hashers Vertvember.

I could explain the origin of Vertvember, but it’s a tightly kept HH club secret, so if you really want to know all about it, sack up and come out on a Thursday night, buy a few rounds of IPA, and then keep doing that for a few weeks year or so and we’ll tell you.

Otherwise, just know that in November of every year, our club contest is all about the vert.

Price of entry is 19,200′ – which has to been confirmed by Garmin, the internet, the NSA, etc – which equates to 100 repeats of a local hill.

And 19.2 only gets you in the game – that’s your qualifier.  From there, it’s game on.

So, now is the time for historical records, if you’re into that sort of thing, which we are.


  1.  RS/WB – 20,400′
  2. Gonad – 19,200′


  1. Miyagi/P*foot – 30636′
  2. RS/WB – 19,200′


  1.  Just Eric – 65974.409′ (all time record)
  2. Doobie – 61345.144′ (2nd all time)
  3. Miyagi/P*foot – 50413.386′ (3rd all time)


  1. Just Eric – 40761.155′
  2. Donde Es – 39055.118′
  3. Blowhard – 28353.02′


  1. Miyagi/P*foot – 26771.65′
  2. WB – 20016.40′
  3. Blowhard did not enter the S* challenge so no way to calculate.  If you get us the data, then maaaaaybe…but no other challengers this year.  Bitches.  



H/T to Miyagi/P*foot for the data collection and assistance


December challenge to come!