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Run of the Week – January 2018 Week 4

Another cold week has passed but the runs of 2018 are already starting to heat up.  The competition toward the club’s first challenge for 2018 is almost done, and only one brave man and one brave maiden are still standing.  Be on the lookout for the February Challenge, coming soon!

Here is a recap of some of the finer runs this week.

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Run of the Week – January 2018 Week 2

This week was a bit of a tease – the temperatures finally rose above single digits during the early part of the week, only to hit about 50 degrees and give us a taste of spring weather – for one day – before plummeting back into the low teens for the weekend.

Winter is here – but a few of us were smart enough to flee for a few days and get away from it all.

We even had a few races completed already!  Here’s a look at some of our best this week: Continue reading Run of the Week – January 2018 Week 2

Run of the Week: BT5K

Congratulations go out to P* Foot, on an absolutely incredible performance in the city this past weekend.

He ran the American Brain Tumor Association 5k, a cause near and dear to his heart.

PF ran a super fast time of 18:17, for an average pace of 6:04 / mile.

It certainly looks like those long, hot summer miles are paying off – not to mention all of those 60 mile training weeks.

Congratulations to PF on your latest and greatest ROTW Award – and our best wishes to his family.

2017 HH Beer Mile: The King is Dead, Long Live the King!

10 of the finest Highlands Hashers showed up at an undisclosed location somewhere deep inside of Morris County for what has fast become a complete shitshow signature club event: the HH Beer Mile.

History was made as the reigning King of the Beer Mile, Doobie, was bested by newcomer Just Steve, fresh off a dominating performance in the 2017 HH100.   Continue reading 2017 HH Beer Mile: The King is Dead, Long Live the King!

Redrafting the 2017 HH100 Draft

Two anonymous hashers who participated in the HH100 agreed to redraft the 2017 HH100 Draft.

The draft assumes results from the event, no captains as automatic picks, and whatever else the drafters wanted from the 2017 event and is modeled on the draft format of the original draft.

Round 1

Team A 1: Just Steve

Team B 2: Miyagi

Round 2

Team B 3: Just Eric

Team A 4: Chef

Round 3

Team A 5: Liability

Team B 6: Mousehand

Round 4

Team A: Boulder Holder

Team B: Stone Cold

Round 5:

Team A: Wrecking Ball

Team B: Juicy

Round 6:

Team A: Sherpa

Team B: Butters

Round 7: 

Team A: Caillou

Team B: Donde Es

2017 HH100: Hot Takes

While the dust is settling on the 2017 HH100, a 100 mile intra-squad relay race around Morris County, there are a few hot takes to note while our memories are fresh and our legs still sore.

Most Valuable Runner:

At the post-run celebration, each team selected it’s candidate for MVR.  New guys and friends of the club Steve and Eric were unanimous selections by their respective teams, but the award for overall MVR is going to be a very, very close call either way.  Blistering speed and kill switches set to “On” defined each runner.

Greatest Behinds the Scenes Contribution

There are several actions which deserve this award.  Blowhards’s recruitment of some young guns, the Miyagi family’s organization and hosting of a post-run party, and those who volunteered to use and abuse their vehicles all day.  However, no contribution was greater than Liability’s donation of quality toilet paper, the most sought after item of the morning.

Longest Con

Chef and Miyagi aren’t even close to being in this conversation, giddily taunting their opposition with fast, long, and well publicized training runs in the weeks and days leading up to the event.  Juicy is, however, with MAF runs disguising his hidden talents to virtually fly up Waughaw and the Kinnelon hills.  The longest con of all time, however, belongs to Boulder Holder, whose training philosophy (“I ran around 5 miles a week for the last three weeks”) did not at all match up with his race day performance which was extraordinary.  A lot of apologies came his way yesterday for making him a last round pick.



Run of the Week: I am Ironman!


Huge congratulations to the first HH Ironman, Stone Cold.

Stone Cold earned his award several times over and will get three rounds of beer headed his way instead of the customary one for his outstanding achievement in the wilds of Lake Placid, NY.

Stone Cold swam over 5200 yards in 1:41.47, rode 112 miles in 7:19.41, and then to cap off his day, ran a marathon in 4:38.10, an amazing 10:32 pace.

Stone Cold celebrated by oiling the joints on his bionic legs, and then sampling the nightlife of Lake Placid, or sleeping for 17 hours…

Either way, very huge congratulations to Stone Cold for his Ironman and his first ever Run of the Week Award.

E. Murray Todd Half Marathon

Big congratulations to Bob, Mark and Andy for braving the cold yesterday and cranking out some respectable HM efforts.

Bob finished in 1:35:31, in a respectable 52d place overall, 9th in age group

Mark finished in 1:27:31, 20th place overall, 5th in Age group

Andy finished in 1:23:59, 12th place overall, 3rd in Age group, and setting a new Highlands Hashers record in the process!


Great work guys!

Check out the full results and finish-line video here