Run of the Week – January 2018 Week 3

It seems like the idea of staying indoors in January has gotten to be a little bit stale for everyone this week.  Liability kicked off the week with a big run, but then it was quiet for a few days, until the weekend hit and everyone collectively said “Oh yeah, hold my beer” and went out there to log some serious miles.  Great showing all around, and a very competitive ROTW.  Here is a look at a few of the finer runs this week:

Honorable Mentions

Liability’s 16.5 mile “commute run” with bourbon barrel apres run beverages that got everyone off the couch

Gonad the Librarian’s 4.0 mile PR on the classic Denville loop

Juicy’s 2 hour treadmill long run – hot damn that’s a lot of running in place!

Donde Es?  Donde es en New Hampshire, where he completed a 19.2 bonk-enduced sufferfest, climbing just under 1900′ in three hours and twenty minutes of running.  Sounds real “fun”!

and finally, Just Steve’s massive day on Tammany – 5 repeats – good for 17.1 miles, 6200′ of climbing over 3 hours and 41 minutes.  A very, very big day for the young gun, who is probably thinking “What the hell do I have to do to get the ROTW?”  (Cough: Come out on Thursday nights!)


Runner Up

Sean’s First 10 Town Run of 2018 – beating his previous best time and setting a new CR in the process!

Ten Town Run 2018

The stats:

Distance: 22.7 mi

Time: 3:10.30

Pace: 8:22 / mi.


The Winner: Run of the Week

Still resentful that he didn’t get ROTW two weeks ago for a hell of a long run, Blowhard blew even longer and harder and deeper…into the pain cave.  While it was tempting to just give this award to Sean for one of his walking at work entries, just to be mean, Blowhard definitely earned this one.

Blowhard’s ROTW

20.5 miles at altitude (5300′) with the final 10 miles averaging around 6:30 pace (2:50 marathon pace).  He started to bonk around mile 16, but pulled through with quite the finish as he trains up for both the Mississippi River marathon and the Austin Rattler, and ultimately some Type III fun at Leadville.

Congrats on  your first ROTW of 2018!

Check out the stats:

Distance: 20.5 mi

Time: 2:19.07

Pace: 6:47 / mi.


2018 Run of the Week Award Winners

Anonymous Highlands Hashers – 1

Blowhard – 1

P*foot – 1


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