Run of the Week – January 2018 Week 2

This week was a bit of a tease – the temperatures finally rose above single digits during the early part of the week, only to hit about 50 degrees and give us a taste of spring weather – for one day – before plummeting back into the low teens for the weekend.

Winter is here – but a few of us were smart enough to flee for a few days and get away from it all.

We even had a few races completed already!  Here’s a look at some of our best this week:

Honorable Mentions

Butters’ double BSL3 loop – 6.3 mi @ 7:48 per mi, aaand his 8 mile beachfront weekend run – kudos for a double honorable mention!

Jogfather and Sheila B, taking advantage of the long weekend and getting out for 10 miles!  Wow!  Great work for the father-daughter combo!

Mousehand shaking out his legs, folks, legs while doing 9.5 miles in the ‘Dolph

Iron Maiden upping her mileage with a 5.6 mile effort around Greystone, where she recently escaped from


Mr and Mrs Boyardee, covering 6 miles together up in Maine.

Runners Up

Playing a little catchup from last week, when yours truly was down with the Superflu.  These two runs were worthy of a ROTW in their own right, but Secret Mystery Trail Run still wins.

Blowhard’s Epic – 23 miles, 6:58 pace – craaazy fast.  And still not telling anyone what he’s training up for!

Western Legion of Zoom

Just Steve’s Bandera 50k – 31.7 miles, 3360′ of gain, 8:29 per mi, 4 hrs, 26 min, 5th place overall finisher!

But did he crush 31 beers? 

The Winner: Run of the Week

P*foot’s Houston Half Marathon

Another guy smart enough to get out of town – tip of the hat to Blowhard, who crossed an ocean – P’foot repped the Southern Legion of Boom with a blistering half in what he called “perfect conditions.”  It must have been, because he absolutely crushed it.  Check out the stats:

Distance: 13.1

Time: 1:28.07

Pace: 6:37 / mi.

Congratulations on picking up 2018 where you finished 2017 – racking up ROTW’s!

2018 Highlands Hashers Run of the Week Award - Houston Half Marathon Edition
P*foot wearing his ROTW Award


2018 Run of the Week Award Winners

Anonymous Highlands Hashers – 1

P*foot – 1

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