Run of the Week: Putting in the Vert 5.0

By all accounts, Vertvember is a bad good idea.

Not the kind of bad good idea like benching your two time Superbowl winning, two time Superbowl MVP, make Tom Brady cry machine, future Hall of Fame quarterback, but a bad idea nonetheless.

It’s the kind of bad good idea where you take a few middle aged guys, who are in okay shape, and then insist they run serious vert for the first time in months (unless you are Blowhard), trying not to get injured and die in the process.

Yes, ladies and gents, we are talking about the 5th Annual Highlands Hashers Vertvember.

I could explain the origin of Vertvember, but it’s a tightly kept HH club secret, so if you really want to know all about it, sack up and come out on a Thursday night, buy a few rounds of IPA, and then keep doing that for a few weeks year or so and we’ll tell you.

Otherwise, just know that in November of every year, our club contest is all about the vert.

Price of entry is 19,200′ – which has to been confirmed by Garmin, the internet, the NSA, etc – which equates to 100 repeats of a local hill.

And 19.2 only gets you in the game – that’s your qualifier.  From there, it’s game on.

So, now is the time for historical records, if you’re into that sort of thing, which we are.


  1.  RS/WB – 20,400′
  2. Gonad – 19,200′


  1. Miyagi/P*foot – 30636′
  2. RS/WB – 19,200′


  1.  Just Eric – 65974.409′ (all time record)
  2. Doobie – 61345.144′ (2nd all time)
  3. Miyagi/P*foot – 50413.386′ (3rd all time)


  1. Just Eric – 40761.155′
  2. Donde Es – 39055.118′
  3. Blowhard – 28353.02′


  1. Miyagi/P*foot – 26771.65′
  2. WB – 20016.40′
  3. Blowhard did not enter the S* challenge so no way to calculate.  If you get us the data, then maaaaaybe…but no other challengers this year.  Bitches.  



H/T to Miyagi/P*foot for the data collection and assistance


December challenge to come!

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