Run of the Week – December 2017 Week 4

The Contenders:

P*Foot’s frozen 12.5 on the Boulevard at 8:00 pace (honorable mention for Liability, who joined for 8 of them)

Just Steve’s nod to Blowhard with 8.1 miles in Allamuchy

Doobie’s Path to Victory #109, his second fastest ever

Chef’s Rockaway – Denville ramble – 9 miles at 6:55 pace

Jogfather’s 10 mile Frosty Nads run

Liability’s 15 miler down in Delaware at a 7:43 pace

Blowhard’s 16 miler at a crushing 7:07 pace


The Winner:

Stone Cold’s 16 miler over multiple BSL loops.  A very good run in it’s own right, but this one was also run in 11 degree weather.  A lot of credit to everyone who headed out in the cold this week, but this one might have been the coldest of all.   Great job getting it done!

The Stats

15.7 miles

2:24:07 moving time

9:10 / mi pace


So that’s it for 2017’s Run of the Week Awards.  Happy New Year to everyone and stay tuned for 2018’s first award just a week away.


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