Run of the Week – December 2017 Week 3

Well this was a big week.  Lots of great runs out there.  Looking back on it, probably our collective best week of the year.

Here are a few runs that are in contention for 2017’s penultimate Run of the Week Award.

Honorable Mentions:

Blowhard and Just Steve – 11 miles around the Great Swamp, at a filthy 6:15 average pace!

Stone Cold – 13.3 miles around Kinnelon at a quick 9:18 per mile – nice job on those hills!

Liability – 15 solo miles down in Delaware, running through the Dogfish Head Brewery – and stopping by later for just about as many beers!

Just Sheila – 4.0 miles on the Boulevard, setting PRs in both directions!

Mousehand, P-foot, Liability, Stone Cold, and Chef for a 10 mile group run before the 2nd Annual Highlands Hashers Risk Game / Day Where Everyone Calls Out of Work and Gets Drunk.

Runner Up:

Just Steve and Blowhard with a complete sufferfest – 17.0 miles around Roxbury and vicinity at a ridiculous 6:48 per mile pace.  Dammmn guys, that’s a crazy good run.

The Winner:

Donde Es with a sufferfest of his own on Hawk Mountain, just west of Allentown, PA.

The Stats

21.0 miles

3:52.18 moving time

3,758′ of vertical gain

11:04 per mile pace

Epic run and very deserving of our coveted Run of the Week Award!  Congratulations Donde!

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