Run of the Week: December 2017 Week 2

A little late on getting this out, so my apologies, but congratulations again to a group of overachievers who were busy on the roads and trails of Morris County, NJ last week.

Here who made the finals for the club’s prestigious Run of the Week Award,

The contenders:

Michelle’s 5.1 mile 9:06 average 5 Churches Run

Gonad’s 8 mile, 1840′  of climbing over the Wanaque Reservoir

Donde’s epic 17 miler, climbing 3550′ up, over, and around Bear Mountain, pretty damn good, but…

The winner:

Jogfather’s Snow Torture Run

3.4 miles, 12:00 average pace, unbearably cold, horrific snow, zero visibility – just another winter run for the Jogfather, who put all the younger men and women of the club with this brave effort.  Congratulations Jogfather, the club owes you a beer, a hot chocolate, and a pair of hand warmers for your Run of the Week!

Jogfather showing us who is the boss!

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