Merry Christmas 2017

Hope Santa was good to you all.  At least, hope you didn’t get too many ugly sweaters from your wife, mother, etc…

Cheers to a few of the Highlands Hashers who were able to slip the bonds of family obligation and get out for a run today, including…

  • Gonad’s quick run into Denville and back
  • WB looping up Ironwood
  • Iron Maiden cruising around Greystone
  • Just Eric’s jaunt outside of Helena, MT – bro WTF are you doing in Montana in December?
  • New Jersey Blowhard crushing 10 miles in Roxbury at a 7:11 pace in this cold (you won Xmas)
  • Donde’s 6.2, which included a stop under a highway overpass for pictures?  Classic Donde right here
  • Butters quick one half way around Lake Parsippany

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a present from the club…and here it is, a preview of your next monthly club challenge.

January 2018 Highlands Hashers Challenge – Base Mileage Blast

Start your year off with a streak!

Gold Level – Run Everyday  – At least one run per day for 31 days, minimum 31 miles a week, each week.

Silver Level – Run Everyday – Log a run a day for 31 days of at least one mile each.

Bronze Level – Get back in shape – Run 5 days a week, including the final four days of the month (a partial 5th week), at least one mile each run.

Honor system, self report your results by adding a comment or emailing us.

Good luck, and get out there!


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