Run of the Week: Run from the Roses

Nipple Chafe
Liability’s ROTW


Congratulations to Liability, with his very pleasant looking run from Madison, the Rose City, to Denville, the town with that eyesore pedestrian bridge.

A great run, with a good combination of flats, rolling hills, and a host of interesting things to keep the mind occupied along the way.

Also, nipple chafe.  Lots of it.  

To the point where Liability down-dressed, earning a five dollar fine for shirtless running.

Perhaps the joy of earning a Run of the Week Award, and the free beer that comes with it, will help to dull the pain he’s likely still experiencing.

Liability beat out strong contenders in Stone Cold and Doobie, who raced the Liberty Half Marathon, and the Jogfather, back in the good old US of A, with a 7.4 mile rail trail adventure.

Congratulations to Liability, on his Run of the Week, and our runners (and walker) up!


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