Run of the Week: King of the Mountains

Mile High Run of the Week!

You have to give it to Blowhard, folks.

First, he sent the club a bunch of texts laughing about “double secret probation,” and narrowly missing out on run of the week last week, with a very nice tip of the hat to Stone Cold for putting up a great run.

But then, he said, while his run was certainly more than “pretty good”, it was not what we can expect to see in the future, as he gets his legs and lungs acclimatized to the mile high air.

You have to admire his ability to challenge himself and throw down a personal gauntlet.

Blowhard absolutely crushed it last weekend, with two back-to-back mountain epics that saw him cover 25.8 miles with over 9000′ of gain and loss – riding to and from his runs.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t quite enough to nab the coveted Run of the Week Award

Who are we kidding, of course it was!

However, we should also give credit to the runners up this week, Gonad the Librarian, who has been running with his son Mini Hasher X.  Congratulations to Mini X for deciding on running for your school Cross Country team, and for Gonad for helping him get fit and fast.  Well done gentlemen!

And of course congratulations to Blowhard, well done sir!  Now get out there and try for our first back-to-back ROTW Award!

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