Run of the Week: BQ2

Lehigh Valley Marathon


After a few slower weeks, the competition for the prestigious Run of the Week Award is heating up!

Miyagi led off the week with a grueling 16.5 miles through Mountain Lakes and the greater Montville area, including a punishing ascent of Mt. Waughaw.

Miyagi, who does nothing but put up great run after run, has a bar set so high that he has been missing out on the Run of the Week Award.  Well this run certainly qualified.

He also was part of a three man team to complete a trail run rock field scramble, along with Liability and WB around Split Rock Reservoir, an epic 11 mile, 2 hour, 24  minute sufferfest.

However, even those runs were not enough to earn the coveted title of Run of the Week.

Common consent dictates that anyone earning a Boston Qualifying time in a marathon automatically gets the award.  Well this week that happened – twice.

Congratulations go out to Boyardee, who had a qualifying time of 3:09.10 for his sixth Boston Marathon in a row, and to Stone Cold, coming in at 3:28.58!

Awesome accomplishment men, and congratulations on sharing your award this week.  Beers on us!

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