Run of the Week Ending 8.27.17

A bit of a slow week across the board for the club as runners have gone on vacation or are otherwise engaged.

However, there were a bunch of good runs put up.

This week features a few contenders:

Just Eric, who continued to show off his Hawaiian vacation through his “Hot Lava Walk” with photos…

Blowhard, who probably would have won the award with 2400′ gain over six miles, but he’s in the last week of his double secret “timeout”…

and Chef, with a 5 mile road race up in Maine.

But the winner this week, who earns a free beer, is Stone Cold, with a 14.2 miler that saw a little over 1400 feet of gain.

Congratulations to Stone Cold for his second ROTW Award.

Blowhard is probably having a stroke right now, thinking, WTF!!!!, but with all of the mountains out west, he’s sure to earn a ROTW soon enough. ¬†We miss you buddy!

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