Run of the Week Ending 8.20.17

Another week has gone by, and our members are logging some great activities.  This week was a hard fought battle for the club’s prestigious Run of the Week Award and the free beer that comes with it.

The Contenders:

Donde’s hike of Hunter Mountain, 6.1 miles and 2563′ of gain over an hour and a half.

Amy P.’s 10k @ 10:03 out on the humid prairie.

Boy-ar-Dee’s 20 mile long run @ 7:38.

Just Eric’s 5 miler – a routine run, but yeah, it was in Hawaii.  Points for location.


The Winner:

Just Sheila’s Pequonnock Triathlon:

Official Times: Swim: 10:11 Bike: 40:52 Run: 31:43 T1: 1:47 T2: 2:16

And 5 minutes faster than her Lincoln Park Triathlon!

Excellent job – your summer of hard work is certainly paying off!  Looks like the club owes you another beer!  Congratulations on your second ROTW Award!

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