Run of the Week Ending 8.27.17

A bit of a slow week across the board for the club as runners have gone on vacation or are otherwise engaged.

However, there were a bunch of good runs put up.

This week features a few contenders:

Just Eric, who continued to show off his Hawaiian vacation through his “Hot Lava Walk” with photos…

Blowhard, who probably would have won the award with 2400′ gain over six miles, but he’s in the last week of his double secret “timeout”…

and Chef, with a 5 mile road race up in Maine.

But the winner this week, who earns a free beer, is Stone Cold, with a 14.2 miler that saw a little over 1400 feet of gain.

Congratulations to Stone Cold for his second ROTW Award.

Blowhard is probably having a stroke right now, thinking, WTF!!!!, but with all of the mountains out west, he’s sure to earn a ROTW soon enough.  We miss you buddy!

Run of the Week Ending 8.20.17

Another week has gone by, and our members are logging some great activities.  This week was a hard fought battle for the club’s prestigious Run of the Week Award and the free beer that comes with it.

The Contenders:

Donde’s hike of Hunter Mountain, 6.1 miles and 2563′ of gain over an hour and a half.

Amy P.’s 10k @ 10:03 out on the humid prairie.

Boy-ar-Dee’s 20 mile long run @ 7:38.

Just Eric’s 5 miler – a routine run, but yeah, it was in Hawaii.  Points for location.


The Winner:

Just Sheila’s Pequonnock Triathlon:

Official Times: Swim: 10:11 Bike: 40:52 Run: 31:43 T1: 1:47 T2: 2:16

And 5 minutes faster than her Lincoln Park Triathlon!

Excellent job – your summer of hard work is certainly paying off!  Looks like the club owes you another beer!  Congratulations on your second ROTW Award!

Run of the Week Award: Chef’s CR

So after a few great weeks we are back to our weekly Run of the Week Award.

Two weeks ago, the ROTW Award went to the cast and crew of the HH100.

Last week, it went to Just Steve for his epic HH Beer Mile debut.

This week, there were some serious contenders.

In 3rd Place this week was Just Sheila, with a looong 7.1 miles around Rockaway Valley, kicking ass and on her way to setting some family segment CR’s.  Way to go Mrs. B!

Our runners up this week were Miyagi and Stone Cold, who paired up to run a really looong 20 mile training run starting in the Rockaway Valley and then touring central Morris County.  Great stuff guys!

But it is not often anymore that a Highlands Hasher Course Record falls, and when it does, it’s an automatic Run of the Week Award winner.

That’s what happened this week when our own Chef Boy-ar-Dee set the course record for one of our regular Thursday night loops, the 3 mile edition.

Now, you’re probably saying, what the hell Chef, what are you doing racing the 3 miler?

But Chef went out early for a little extra credit mileage before the run, and really went for it.  Although we generally frown on Race-ism on our 3 mile or 5 mile course, before or after the group run is fair game, so congratulations to the Chef for putting the record even further out of reach for the rest of us!

The Stats:

Distance: 3.0 mi.

Moving Time: 19:07

Pace: 6:16 / mi.

Congratulations, Chef, on your Run of the Week Award for setting the new CR for the Highlands Hashers 3.  You can collect your beer, on the club, tomorrow night!

2017 HH Beer Mile: The King is Dead, Long Live the King!

10 of the finest Highlands Hashers showed up at an undisclosed location somewhere deep inside of Morris County for what has fast become a complete shitshow signature club event: the HH Beer Mile.

History was made as the reigning King of the Beer Mile, Doobie, was bested by newcomer Just Steve, fresh off a dominating performance in the 2017 HH100.   Continue reading 2017 HH Beer Mile: The King is Dead, Long Live the King!