Redrafting the 2017 HH100 Draft

Two anonymous hashers who participated in the HH100 agreed to redraft the 2017 HH100 Draft.

The draft assumes results from the event, no captains as automatic picks, and whatever else the drafters wanted from the 2017 event and is modeled on the draft format of the original draft.

Round 1

Team A 1: Just Steve

Team B 2: Miyagi

Round 2

Team B 3: Just Eric

Team A 4: Chef

Round 3

Team A 5: Liability

Team B 6: Mousehand

Round 4

Team A: Boulder Holder

Team B: Stone Cold

Round 5:

Team A: Wrecking Ball

Team B: Juicy

Round 6:

Team A: Sherpa

Team B: Butters

Round 7: 

Team A: Caillou

Team B: Donde Es

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