Grading the 2017 HH100 Draft

Round 1, Pick 1:  Miyagi  (Team Chef)

Projected Grade: A

Actual Grade: A

Miyagi lived up to the hype of being the first overall pick with a record-setting first stage that set the tone for the day with the largest gap between runners on any given stage.

Round 1, Pick 2: Just Steve (Team Butters)

Projected Grade: Unknown

Actual Grade: A+

It is hard to believe that someone was able to live up to Blowhard’s blowhardness.  Just Steve did that and more by setting a blistering pace that no other runner could match with one stage averaging in the 5:xx’s.  Candidate for Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Runner.

Round 2, Pick 3: Blowhard (Team Butters)

Projected Grade: A-

Actual Grade: N/A

Blowhard’s commitments kept him off the course this year, but the team hopes he makes it back for the third annual.

Round 2, Pick 4: Liability (Team Chef)

Projected Grade: B

Actual Grade: B+

Liability did not live up to his name, but instead put on a heart-pounding effort through 16 miles, many of which were in the hills.

Round 3, Pick 5: Just Eric (Team Chef)

Projected Grade: B+

Actual Grade: A+

Eric dropped the hammer early and kept hammering all the way through his two stages, shattering expectations and slicing through Team Butters, putting himself in both ROY and MVR consideration.

Round 3, Pick 6: Donde Es (Team Butters)

Projected Grade: B-

Actual Grade: D

We love Donde, who is a great guy and hard-nosed ultra-runner.  However, his navigation skills need a little bit of work.  Donde lived up to his name once again, but gets credit for attempting to run on two broken legs nonetheless.

Round 4, Pick 7: Mousehand (Team Chef)

Projected Grade: B+

Actual Grade: B+

He did really, really well.  Not much more to say about the man of few words, other than, as always, he comes through.

Round 4, Pick 8: Stone Cold (Team Butters)

Projected Grade: C-

Actual Grade: B+

You can question his loyalty to the club by completing the Lake Placid Ironman – putting his own interests before the needs of the club – which affected his projected grade, but hot damn did Stone Cold man up.  Provided the nicest car, subbed in for others, and ran unexpectedly great times during his two stages.  A gamer who brought it.

Round 5, Pick 9: Juicy (Team Chef)

Projected Grade: C+

Actual Grade: B

Juicy came storming back through early season injuries which affected his draft stock, having a great day which culminated in a Kinnelon Mountain High of a finish, keeping Team Butters in check just when they thought they had hope.


Round 6, Pick 11: Boulder Holder (Team Chef)

Projected Grade: C-

Actual Grade: A

Boulder Holder’s unorthodox running training plan – not running – defies logic and physics.  But at only 7 lbs, as Liability noted, the laws of gravity, thermodynamics, aeronautics, and naval engineering do not apply.  The most impressive individual performance of the day.

Round 6, Pick 12: Caillou (Team Butters)

Projected Grade: D

Actual Grade: B

He’s just a kid who’s four, each day he grows some more, he likes exploring he’s Caillou,
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Growing up is not so tough, except when he’s had enough but there’s lots of fun stuff he’s Caillou, Caillou, Caillou, he’s Caillou. That’s him!

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