2017 HH100: Hot Takes

While the dust is settling on the 2017 HH100, a 100 mile intra-squad relay race around Morris County, there are a few hot takes to note while our memories are fresh and our legs still sore.

Most Valuable Runner:

At the post-run celebration, each team selected it’s candidate for MVR.  New guys and friends of the club Steve and Eric were unanimous selections by their respective teams, but the award for overall MVR is going to be a very, very close call either way.  Blistering speed and kill switches set to “On” defined each runner.

Greatest Behinds the Scenes Contribution

There are several actions which deserve this award.  Blowhards’s recruitment of some young guns, the Miyagi family’s organization and hosting of a post-run party, and those who volunteered to use and abuse their vehicles all day.  However, no contribution was greater than Liability’s donation of quality toilet paper, the most sought after item of the morning.

Longest Con

Chef and Miyagi aren’t even close to being in this conversation, giddily taunting their opposition with fast, long, and well publicized training runs in the weeks and days leading up to the event.  Juicy is, however, with MAF runs disguising his hidden talents to virtually fly up Waughaw and the Kinnelon hills.  The longest con of all time, however, belongs to Boulder Holder, whose training philosophy (“I ran around 5 miles a week for the last three weeks”) did not at all match up with his race day performance which was extraordinary.  A lot of apologies came his way yesterday for making him a last round pick.



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