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Redrafting the 2017 HH100 Draft

Two anonymous hashers who participated in the HH100 agreed to redraft the 2017 HH100 Draft. The draft assumes results from the event, no captains as automatic picks, and whatever else the drafters wanted from the 2017 event and is modeled … Continue reading

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Grading the 2017 HH100 Draft

Round 1, Pick 1:  Miyagi  (Team Chef) Projected Grade: A Actual Grade: A Miyagi lived up to the hype of being the first overall pick with a record-setting first stage that set the tone for the day with the largest … Continue reading

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2017 HH100: Hot Takes

While the dust is settling on the 2017 HH100, a 100 mile intra-squad relay race around Morris County, there are a few hot takes to note while our memories are fresh and our legs still sore. Most Valuable Runner: At … Continue reading

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Run of the Week: I am Ironman!

  Huge congratulations to the first HH Ironman, Stone Cold. Stone Cold earned his award several times over and will get three rounds of beer headed his way instead of the customary one for his outstanding achievement in the wilds … Continue reading

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Back from Vacation: Belated ROTW Award #1

Big kudos to Sheila B., with her out of state 5 miler, which, according to club records and her memory, is her longest run in two years!  Way to grind, Mrs. B! And congratulations on your belated Run of the … Continue reading

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