2017 HH100 Draft Breakdown: Winners, Losers, and More…

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Welcome to our breakdown of the 2017 HH100 Draft.  

Here are the moves we liked over the seven round draft, along with a few questions marks, and more.


Old Man Strength: By making Chef a captain, his team was guaranteed a top runner and possible first round pick.  Before making any selections, Team Chef brings the heat out of the kitchen.

Deferment:  Team Butters was able to capitalize on a “weaker” draft position, when Chef chose to pick first overall.  By wrapping around the 2nd and 3rd overall picks, Butters loaded up with some serious potential fast movers by drafting Blowhard and Lange.  These moves are not without risk, however, as Blowhard comes with some diva-like qualities and Lange is an unknown.  But should these picks live up to their potential, Butters has chosen a dynamic top two.

Where Is He?:  Apparently nobody knew, or remembered, because Donde Es was a missing man through the first two rounds.  He may have been hanging out with Aaron Rodgers, but when Butters made him the last selection of the third round, he added a proven veteran with inhuman intangibles to his stable of runners.  If he shows up healthy, this could be the pick of the draft.


A Better Mousetrap?:  By letting Mousehand slip through his fingers, Butters failed to capitalize on an opportunity to draft a proven – and fast – runner, in favor of an unknown whose bona fides were described by Blowhard after several rounds of adult beverage.

Mr. Irrelevant: Due to the nature of the draft order, and some strategic thinking on Chef’s part, the last pick in the draft fell to Team Butters.  While he is a runner on the rise, Butters was left no choice but to draft Clippers.  Will he put enough “ground and pound” in his legs before race day?


Last Call!:  Chef must be willing to overlook some “off the field issues” by drafting – excuse me here, let me just check this…yep…by drafting a guy named Liability in the second round.  A workhorse with a blue collar approach, he may prove to be an asset, but his name may be a sign of the shape of hops to come.

Your Flight is Now Boarding: With summer here, Sherpa may be headed off to another midwestern city to work as an examiner for a well known national testing service.  Or, in other words, to pad his Untappd stats.  Watch out – they may be flights but daily logins start to add up when you log in 20 a day.  Can he maintain a perfect x=miles/flights equation?

All these questions and more will play out before #HH100 Day!

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