Run of the Week — Honolulu Marathon

This week the ROTW unequivocally goes to HH Smitty with his Honolulu Marathon. While Smitty has so-far failed to change his Strava entry from “Morning Run” we all know what he really did…. which is run a marathon in Hawaii ON HIS HONEYMOON. So big congratulations to Mr and Mrs Smitty, we can’t wait to hear all about your trip!



Also additional Kudos go to Jeff for nabbing 3 sets of Negatives over the course of the week, convincing all of us that Old Man Strength is real, and that it’s definitely game-on for the Boston Marathon this year.

Keep an eye out for more Hashers content coming your way, including updated club records, schedules and more! If in the meantime if you want to see what kind of running the editor is doing check out my blog here



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