Run of the Month – November 2017 “Inaugural Edition”

We’re getting a jump on the new year and will be rolling out some new features and posts over the next few months.

New for 2018 we will feature a “Best Of…” series, or Run of the Month.

Think of it as the award for the all star Run of the Week, given on a monthly basis.

Or, think of it as a something to bet on, especially once football is over.

Better yet, think of it as your opportunity to earn another beer on the club.

In any case, click the link to find out which run our esteemed panel of voter (yes, singular) takes the first ever Run of the Month Award!

Spoiler Alert: It’s P-foot

ps…Chef is probably excited that we got a four banger into the post title this week!

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Run of the Week: Putting in the Vert 5.0

By all accounts, Vertvember is a bad good idea.

Not the kind of bad good idea like benching your two time Superbowl winning, two time Superbowl MVP, make Tom Brady cry machine, future Hall of Fame quarterback, but a bad idea nonetheless.

It’s the kind of bad good idea where you take a few middle aged guys, who are in okay shape, and then insist they run serious vert for the first time in months (unless you are Blowhard), trying not to get injured and die in the process.

Yes, ladies and gents, we are talking about the 5th Annual Highlands Hashers Vertvember.

I could explain the origin of Vertvember, but it’s a tightly kept HH club secret, so if you really want to know all about it, sack up and come out on a Thursday night, buy a few rounds of IPA, and then keep doing that for a few weeks year or so and we’ll tell you.

Otherwise, just know that in November of every year, our club contest is all about the vert.

Price of entry is 19,200′ – which has to been confirmed by Garmin, the internet, the NSA, etc – which equates to 100 repeats of a local hill.

And 19.2 only gets you in the game – that’s your qualifier.  From there, it’s game on.

So, now is the time for historical records, if you’re into that sort of thing, which we are.


  1.  RS/WB – 20,400′
  2. Gonad – 19,200′


  1. Miyagi/P*foot – 30636′
  2. RS/WB – 19,200′


  1.  Just Eric – 65974.409′ (all time record)
  2. Doobie – 61345.144′ (2nd all time)
  3. Miyagi/P*foot – 50413.386′ (3rd all time)


  1. Just Eric – 40761.155′
  2. Donde Es – 39055.118′
  3. Blowhard – 28353.02′


  1. Miyagi/P*foot – 26771.65′
  2. WB – 20016.40′
  3. Blowhard did not enter the S* challenge so no way to calculate.  If you get us the data, then maaaaaybe…but no other challengers this year.  Bitches.  



H/T to Miyagi/P*foot for the data collection and assistance


December challenge to come!

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Run of the Week – Week of November 13, 2017

The Contender:

A shout out to Gonad the Librarian for getting back out on trail, where he seems to live for the winter.

He put up a very nice looking run and we’re hopeful to get an invite next time he gets out there.

Gonad’s Run is “Four” the Birds…get it?

The Winner:

Congrats Iron Maiden!

Iron Maiden’s Ironwoods – 778′ of climbing over 3.4 miles – and the female Course Record!

This month’s hare doubled down on the fun and finally got out there to get some Vertvember repeats in, and set a CR in the process.  Way to throw down – now get back out there for more!

Congratulations on your Run of the Week Award – your next beer is on the club!

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Run of the Week: BT5K

Congratulations go out to P* Foot, on an absolutely incredible performance in the city this past weekend.

He ran the American Brain Tumor Association 5k, a cause near and dear to his heart.

PF ran a super fast time of 18:17, for an average pace of 6:04 / mile.

It certainly looks like those long, hot summer miles are paying off – not to mention all of those 60 mile training weeks.

Congratulations to PF on your latest and greatest ROTW Award – and our best wishes to his family.

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Run of the Week: Caillou Runs Savannah

Congratulations and this week’s Run of the Week Award go out to Caillou for his Savannah half-marathon.


The Stats: 

Distance: 13.1 mi

Time: 2:13:56

Pace: 10:12 / mi.

Elevation: 161′

Caillou is playing with the big boys now!  Congratulations, and come out and claim your beer award!

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Run of the Week: Rocky Mountain High

Congratulations to Blowhard, who seems be adjusting just fine to the altitude of Colorado.

Andy crushed it last week with this monster run and gets us back up and running with the prestigious Run of the Week Award.

Congratulations on another impressive run!

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Run of the Week: Mousehandling His Business

mouseHandling Morgantown


Congratulations go out to Brother Mousehand on checking off another box.

Mousehand, the Quiet Man of the Club (*except for Butters) (**except for one fateful night) has made his his mission to take on the fifty states, fifty marathons (***51 if you count DC, which he is) challenge.

Having already knocked out DC, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Tennessee, Mousehand added West Virginia to his growing list.

Congratulations to Smitty on another impressive marathon and Run of the Week Award!

The Stats:

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Run of the Week: Run from the Roses

Nipple Chafe

Liability’s ROTW


Congratulations to Liability, with his very pleasant looking run from Madison, the Rose City, to Denville, the town with that eyesore pedestrian bridge.

A great run, with a good combination of flats, rolling hills, and a host of interesting things to keep the mind occupied along the way.

Also, nipple chafe.  Lots of it.   Continue reading

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Run of the Week: BQ2

Lehigh Valley Marathon


After a few slower weeks, the competition for the prestigious Run of the Week Award is heating up!

Miyagi led off the week with a grueling 16.5 miles through Mountain Lakes and the greater Montville area, including a punishing ascent of Mt. Waughaw.

Miyagi, who does nothing but put up great run after run, has a bar set so high that he has been missing out on the Run of the Week Award.  Well this run certainly qualified.

He also was part of a three man team to complete a trail run rock field scramble, along with Liability and WB around Split Rock Reservoir, an epic 11 mile, 2 hour, 24  minute sufferfest.

However, even those runs were not enough to earn the coveted title of Run of the Week.

Common consent dictates that anyone earning a Boston Qualifying time in a marathon automatically gets the award.  Well this week that happened – twice.

Congratulations go out to Boyardee, who had a qualifying time of 3:09.10 for his sixth Boston Marathon in a row, and to Stone Cold, coming in at 3:28.58!

Awesome accomplishment men, and congratulations on sharing your award this week.  Beers on us!

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Run of the Week: King of the Mountains

Mile High Run of the Week!

You have to give it to Blowhard, folks.

First, he sent the club a bunch of texts laughing about “double secret probation,” and narrowly missing out on run of the week last week, with a very nice tip of the hat to Stone Cold for putting up a great run.

But then, he said, while his run was certainly more than “pretty good”, it was not what we can expect to see in the future, as he gets his legs and lungs acclimatized to the mile high air.

You have to admire his ability to challenge himself and throw down a personal gauntlet.

Blowhard absolutely crushed it last weekend, with two back-to-back mountain epics that saw him cover 25.8 miles with over 9000′ of gain and loss – riding to and from his runs.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t quite enough to nab the coveted Run of the Week Award

Who are we kidding, of course it was!

However, we should also give credit to the runners up this week, Gonad the Librarian, who has been running with his son Mini Hasher X.  Congratulations to Mini X for deciding on running for your school Cross Country team, and for Gonad for helping him get fit and fast.  Well done gentlemen!

And of course congratulations to Blowhard, well done sir!  Now get out there and try for our first back-to-back ROTW Award!

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